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Qidong Accela ChemBio Co., Ltd is located in Qidong Binjiang Fine Chemical Industry Park in Jiangsu which is 100KM from Shanghai headquarter. This CMO pilot and commercial plant occupy 430,000 square ft land, and 100,000 square ft multiple workshops. A team of professional is good at production operation and facility maintenance to make the Pilot fully functional.

Plant Facility Qty Production Equipment Qty Analytical Qty
Land 40000 m2 Enamel Reactor 100-2000L 17 LC
Buildings 10000 m2 Stainless Steel Reactor 200/1000L 2 GC
Heating Capacity 8 kg/cm2 100 atm Autoclave 200/500L 2 UV
Refrigeration Cap. 200K kcal IR Heating Reactor 1 K.F.
Waste Treatments 2 Sets Double Cone/Tray Dryer 2 Others 3
Multi-purpose Production Bldg Two   60x18x11.8m Filtration/Distillation 5 Supplemental Prod. 50

    NOTE1: More production, analytical and supplemental equipments designed specifically for new product could be installed in 3-6 months time frame.


Featured Reactions :

- Carbonylation

- Hydrogenation

- Amination

- Nitration

- Diazotization

- Grignard Reagents generation and reactions